Richard van Dijk
Trainer Teacher Trimmer

PH:  0408 659 993

When there are challenges and injustices in life,  horses have always been the truth and the balance

Train the Horse Title
Whether starting under saddle or in harness, Richard has a lifetime of experience training horses to produce a calm, balanced individual, ready for further education.   He has the instincts and skill to adjust the training to suit the horses’ character and its future purpose.  With a calm manner and no gimmicks, Richard gets results through his immense respect and knowledge of the horse
Richard training a horse in harness
Teach the human Title
Richard’s private lessons in riding, carriage driving or ground work have a focus on safety, simplicity and relaxation.  Richard’s teaching style provides clear explanations on the reason for every instruction. 

Lessons with Richard take you and your horse to the next level and are always encouraging and enjoyable.

Driving, riding and ground work lessons are available.   

Adults: beginners to advanced
Children: intermediate to advanced
Richard teaching a person carriage driving with a horse
Trim the Hoof Title
A skilled hoof trimmer, Richard prides himself on his eye for detail and a perfect finish. Each horse is treated with respect and understanding.    He can assist with transition from shoes to barefoot and caters for all types of horses from heavy horses to miniatures and donkeys.
Richard trimming a hoof

"Richard has taught me so much and made me really think about every step that I take in training and we are getting great results. I can't recommend him highly enough and he is a brilliant trimmer too."       
Neralie, Tanderra Performance Horses

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